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Pioneering The Evolution ofGlobal Digital Assets
Darwinbit is a high-frequency trading firm in digital assets, specialized in crypto-structured products, quantitative fund, and market making
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A Leading Global Crypto Asset Management Firm
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Trusted by Leading Crypto Companies Worldwide
Our Services
Structured Products
Portfolio with 10+ customisable crypto structured products that suits different market conditions & risk appetites
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Quantitative Fund
Innovative quantitative fund strategies that empowers end users to yield stable passive income in digital assets
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Market Making
Years of providing liquidity across the crypto ecosystem that solves complex liquidity problems and improves trading capabilities
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Why Darwinbit
Tailored Investment
Maximize your portfolio by aligning financial goals and risk with our broad trading and investment options
Comprehensive Risk
Benefit from our advanced, flexible risk management system that protects your investments in unpredictable markets
Dependable Financial
With over $10 million in deployable capital, leverage our secure trading environment to confidently grow your finances
What Our Partners Say About Us
Darwinbit exceeded my expectations with their impressive product knowledge and client-focused approach!
Their team provided tailored guidance and valuable insights, making my experience truly exceptional
From CEO of BigONE
Darwinbit's product expertise and professionalism in onboarding my team were outstanding!
Their guidance was invaluable, and they made the process seamless. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking top-notch digital asset investment services
From CoinW Earn Operations Manager
My experience with Darwinbit has been outstanding!
They have a profound understanding of professional product offering, demonstrate extensive expertise in the cryptocurrency market and user requirement, and engage collaboratively with my product onboarding team. Their professionalism and proficiency make them my preferred option for partners
From Co-founder
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